symbio COSMETICS gives the skin as our largest organ exactly what it really needs!

100% natural organic ingredients! Based on natural food which adapts independently to the needs of the skin.

Skin in harmony

symbio-COSMETICS products are not about triggering short-term “effects”, but to stimulate skin regeneration to ensure the natural protective function of the skin for the body and the organs.

Skin in balance

The skin is our natural protective barrier! The LOTUS series skincare products regulates skin functions – for clear, pure and beautiful skin. Restoration of the protective function of the skin.

Quality without compomise

The LOTUS series skincare products are the perfect combination of nature food and high-tech. All active ingredients can penetrate even better and deeper, allergic reactions are minimized significantly.

About symbio COSMETICS

symbio COSMETICS skincare products were developed by the Austrian company Symbio-Harmonizer during treatment.
We find that the human body is affected by a large number of influences (such as nutrition, cosmetics, environmental influences…) It is well known that skin is the largest organ and should be taken care of accordingly.
All products are developed on the basis of food and can be independently adapted to the needs of skin, and the products can be eaten directly!
Suitable for all skin types.
symbio COSMETICS uses only natural high-quality ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals and high-quality nutrients. Due to the unique formulation of active ingredients and the special composition of the product,
A natural lotion is achieved during use, which can be easily absorbed and stored by the skin, giving a beautiful skin feel.

The LOTUS series skincare products not only provide quality care for the skin, but also stimulate the function of the skin as a metabolic organ to create plump, firm and radiant skin for a healthier and more beautiful skin and body.

The LOTUS series skincare products provide skin with ample moisture through natural hyaluronic acid white tea, known as an anti-aging panacea.In addition, lotus flower extract is known for its antibacterial and antioxidant effects on the skin, and supports skin rejuvenation, as well as ingredients like almond oil that provides moisture to the skin while keeping it soft and with a light lotus scent.

symbio COSMETICS gives the skin as our largest organ exactly what it really needs!
No more - but never less!

LOTUS series skincare products can rejuvenate the skin with a gentle and smooth process, and at the same time, delay skin aging to the maximum extent.
Skincare series include cleanser, toner, serum,cream, which are all based on natural food.
Here are valuable and natural foods on the skin, the healthpromoting effects of the diet are well known!
Food that we could eat without hesitation! With the highest standards!

  • Without aluminum
  • Without artificial or chemical preservatives
  • Without chemical dyes
  • Without artificial fragrances or flavors
  • Without synthetic chemicals
  • Without petrochemical substances (mineral oils)
  • Without parabens
We are the exclusive authorized distributor of
symbio COSMETICS products in Asia!