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    What is the delivery cost?

    All of our products are without additional shipping costs for Hong Kong.

  2. 2
    What should I do if I have a problem with a product?

    All of our products have a 1 year guarantee and are of the highest quality. We are happy to help quickly and directly via the

  3. 3
    How long have your products warranty?

    All of our products are guaranteed for one year if handled and used correctly.

  4. 4
    Is it possible to ship abroad (outside of China)?

    TAPP Water Products:
    We are only allowed to sell TAPP Water products in Hong Kong.
    For China Mainland please go to this homepage:
    Shenzhen QIOU Technology Ltd.

    GERNATY Products:
    We are allowed to sell GERNATY products worldwide, except for Europe.

    All other products we sell worldwide without restrictions.

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    Can I also buy a large amount from you?

    If you order a large number of items, please contact us directly using with E-mail.

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NO Shipping cost in HK!