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About our EcoPro

With our Water Filter you can access pure and good-tasting water directly from the tap, while being respectful of the planet and the environment.

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Product specifications

Everything you need to know about our TAPP Filters.

Dimensions: 12.4 x 7.4 x 10.9 cm
Weight: 363 g

  • Filter housing
  • Lever (filtered / unfiltered)
  • Cartridge housing
  • Carbon block

Use hot water only in the NO filtered position.
Avoid washing the filter with soap.
If you haven’t used the filter in several days, run the filtered water for 20 seconds.
Avoid exposing the filter to heat.
The carbon block should be changed every 3 months.
At the end of the cartridge cycle, the TAPP Water EcoPro filter housing must be reused.
Remove the carbon block from inside and put in a new one. Screw the cartridge back on and you’re ready for the next 3 months

The spinning cap is used to mark the week you started a new cartridge. The turn is manual. The numbers indicate months of the year and the dots the weeks.

Eliminate more than 100 substances.
Limescale, chlorine (the cause of the unpleasant taste), sand, rust and sediments, lead, mercury, salmonella, legionella, pesticides, herbicides, medication waste, nitrates and other substances > 1-2 μm (micrometres)

The refills, made of activated carbon, use 5-step Ultra-Advanced Microfiltration technology to filter more than 100 substances from tap water while retaining the essential minerals in the original water.

Active carbon technology and materials

TAPP Water EcoPro uses advanced 5-stage ultra-microfiltration technology with activated carbon.

The activated carbon block inside the cartridge, made from coconut shell, is capable of absorbing chemical, gaseous, metallic and organic elements thanks to its microscopic structure and its highly porous surface.

As the water passes through the filter, the pollutants are trapped in the spherical particles of the activated carbon. The result is clean, filtered water, ready for consumption.

4 l / min. or 15 seconds to fill a liter.

after 3 months from first use

up to 1200 liters (approx. 13 liters / day) for 3 months

The materials we use for our filters reinforce our commitment to sustainability, quality and durability.

The cartridge housing is made of PLA plastic free of toxins such as BPA and phthalates, made from natural raw materials.

The carbon block inside the cartridge housing that filters your water is made from coconut shells (70%), which biodegrades into CO2 and water, and UHMW (30%), which is inert and stable and it does not accumulate in marine life.

We also use two small pieces of silicone to ensure that the carbon block remains in place thus ensuring maximum filtering efficiency. These decompose into amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water.

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