Our seas are dying.

by in GERNATY December 31, 2021

More plastic than fish should swim in our oceans by 2050… According to the UNEP, up to 18,000 plastic parts float per square kilometer of water surface. In addition, we cannot see 90% of the plastic pollution because this waste sinks to the sea floor. They lie there for about 400 years and are only slowly broken down into tiny pieces, which the fish then mistake for food and ingest. And finally we also eat the fish including microplastics. Yummy.

According to scientists, there were an estimated 15 to 51 trillion particles of microplastic in the ocean in 2014, weighing between 90,000 and 236,000 tons. It is hard to imagine how these numbers have developed to this day.

Unfortunately, our governments are not doing much about it and the problem is simply being brushed aside. No political action in sight. It is therefore all the more important that we, as consumers, consciously rethink our handling of plastic and our rubbish.