Our Story

We want to be different and more honest than any other online shop in Hong Kong! Our goods come directly from our Hong Kong warehouse and all products are of the highest quality and eco-friendly.

We test all our products ourselves before they are offered in our shop.

Our three main reasons in selling are:

  1. We want to sell environmentally friendly products.
  2. We want to do something for your health.
  3. We only want to sell honest, genuine and high-quality products.


I believe beauty comes from within. Healthy food and clean water is the basis. Together with natural cosmetics without toxins, this is best in the long term.

Our Vision

All our products are high quality, sustainable and known for being environmentally friendly. We want our customers to always trust us and be happy to recommend them to others.

Our Mission

We believe in the power of innovation to drive change in everyday habits to protect present and future generations. We want to reduce our impact on the environment and strive to protect nature, so our products are durable and green.

Be honest, like karma it will eventually come back to you.



Company History

Our story is simple but so dynamic. A small company in Hong Kong emerged from a well-connected idea. Our broad vision of the future and our green safety products will make the company’s road smoother.. We are happy to provide our great products in Hong Kong.


almbee Onlineshop

Start with the new Onlineshop for our products in Hong Kong.


TAPP Water Hong Kong

TAPP Water gives SolidTechnics the Sale rights for Hong Kong.



Production of the first high-quality vegan and environmentally friendly products.


Warehouse in HK

New warehouse in Hong Kong.


TAPP Water China

TAPP Water gives SolidTechnics the Sale rights for China Mainland.



SolidTechnics applies for the trademark GERNATY for EU, HK, CN.


business start

In the beginning, SolidTechnics supported customers in Western Europe for outsourcing and development projects.



Founding of the company SolidTechnics Ltd. in Hong Kong.

the satisfaction of our customers​